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Concert with guitarist Lukasz Borowicki. Lukasz Borowicki is a Polish jazz guitarist based in Odense, Denmark whose main interests in jazz music are modern jazz sounds, improvised playfulness and composition in a broad sense. This is something that you will probably recognize, if you get the chance to listen for example to his debut album People, Cats & Obstacles which was released in november, 2014 from the Polish label ForTune. He has been awarded with numerous prestigious prizes: 1st. prize at the International Jazz Guitar Competition Guitar City, Individual prize for the best solist at Hopes of Warsaw, Individual prize at Zmagania Jazzowe and a special prize at Azoty Jazz Festival. Lukasz graduated from Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (jazz guitar, composition) and Universite Varsovie (Cand.mag. philosophi). Until now, he has recorded, released and toured with 3 well-received albums with different line-ups, however all staying in the modern acoustic jazz ballpark.


Tidligere omtale af arrangøren

Næste gang jeg er i Odense, skal jeg helt sikkert til koncert med SDMK.

Deltog i Dybe strygere d. 1 Februar 2019
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Odense Musikbibliotek, Østre Stationsvej 15, 2. sal

5000, Odense C